Erbil - 8,9 March 2019

With the participation of the organizations of Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Dahuk, Halabja, Kirkuk, Baghdad, Najaf, Meisan, Babel, Dhi Qar, Salah al-Din, and other governorates, The special dialogue workshop was completed in writing the parallel report. The trainer (Zito Siani) supervised the training of participants in this workshop for two consecutive days. The Norwegian NPA supported this dialogue workshop.

In this workshop, lectures were given by:

1 - Arik at the Human Rights Office (UNAMI )

2. Hemn Rashid Bagalan in the High Commission for Human Rights in Iraq

3. Shuan Saber in the Justice Network for Prisoners

4- Zito Siani is the international human rights trainer